Is he dead?

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I saw something disturbing on the way to work this morning. There’s this mother doggie and her little puppy near my outside house recently. The mother doggie is a slim, black dog with little white patches around her neck. The little roly-poly, cute little puppy is brownish in colour, quite small and a little chubby, which makes it looks perfectly adorable!

I was so tempted to pet the puppy every time I passed by but I know better as the mother doggie could be very fierce and protective towards its only little pup. So I could only look from afar… not so far, just a few steps away. The little puppy looked healthy and happy!

But yesterday night, when I passed by again, I noticed the little puppy was lying motionless on the grass and the mother doggie was sniffing the pup’s head and neck. So I assumed it was sleeping, though it was a little too early and my heart was telling me otherwise.

This morning, I saw the mother was guarding nearby while the little puppy was still lying motionless on exact position! :( I think it is not sleeping for 12 hours.. I didn’t dare to take a closer look but I looked at the little chest which was rather still. :(

Is the little puppy dead?

There was no blood or sign of injury on the pup. :(

I just felt sad and the mother doggie must have felt even worse as it is the only pup she has.




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  1. 3POINT8 on December 16th, 2007 12:42 am

    Ouch… It must be hard on the mommy.
    Reminds me of a mail I read a few months ago

  2. curryegg on December 17th, 2007 12:18 am

    I am sorry to hear it.. sigh… life… this is what we call as life…
    em… :(

  3. helen on December 17th, 2007 12:05 pm

    Fluffy, thanks for dropping by my blog.

    This is so sad seeing the little puppy dead. I cannot tahan all these. On the other hand I told myself NO means NO. I cannot take anymore strays in. I had 4 dogs in my house already. When they bark, they really bark… in harmony. I’m worried my neighbours will go complain. :-P

    But then saying is easy. I guess I’ll still take in or the very least feed those strays that come to my house. ;-(

    Don’t think too much, Fluffy. Have a great day, OK?

  4. bokjae on December 17th, 2007 1:35 pm

    Hi fluffy thans for visiting and your comments! Can see you are a soft-hearted and kind person! The world needs more of your kind! Hey drop by to share the Acts of Kindness Day! Cheers!

  5. keeyit on December 17th, 2007 2:28 pm

    Are you refering to the white and yellowish little doggie near our housing area ? He is so cute!

  6. sharlydia on December 17th, 2007 3:35 pm

    life & death…happens everyday…more so we should appreciate life & be contented, not taking things for granted…

  7. Fluffy~ on December 17th, 2007 10:43 pm

    3Point8, yeah, i saw that before.. really very sad..

    curryegg, yeah, life could be sad & tough..

    Keeyit, it’s a small puppy..

  8. Nick Phillips on December 18th, 2007 9:38 am

    Sorry to hear about the little puppy. Life is cruel at times …. sigggghhhh

  9. huisia on December 18th, 2007 3:48 pm

    Oh..gosh..what a poor little puppy there.

  10. Forever28 on December 18th, 2007 11:11 pm

    I think it just faint because lack of foods. Next time just feed it with some foods you have. Sometime you just eat too much…

  11. narrowband on December 19th, 2007 5:24 pm

    That’s a very sad entry… I now have no more appetite for dinner :(

    Did you take it to the vet?

  12. Fluffy~ on December 20th, 2007 5:11 pm

    helen, u r like my aunt & mother. they couldnt resist feeding all the stray cats! such a kind heart!

    bokjae, thanks bokjae, i will!

    sharlydia, u r right, most of the time we take life for granted till it becomes too late!

    Nick Phillips, life’s like that. :)

    huisia, a very short lived puppy… :(

    Forever28, it is gone forever.. :(

    narrowband, no, de mummy is guarding it, i didnt dare to go near…

  13. mike 62 on April 3rd, 2008 6:50 pm

    Huh… Slightly addled, but on the whole I like this post. You’ve got some fresh ideas. But please, write more lucid.

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