2008 Resolutions!

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Time of the year again to make resolutions!

My last year resolution, 2007 is quite general, as.. well, uhm, I know that I will forget it 3 weeks down the road. So, sort of making them for the sake of making it.

-          Be a better person, in term of my attitude (toward others especially)
-          Manage my financial more effectively

-          Eat healthier and conduct better lifestyle?
 Yeah, that’s about it. My 2007 resolutions, which I think went quite well!  :D

How bout 2008 resolutions? (so hard to accept that it is already 2008!)

I wish that I could do better in my job as in the last year, I was getting to comfortable in my work that I didn’t try enough and wasn’t motivated to be a better employee! 

Apart from that, I wish to buy a house. I am not sure if I could financially afford one this year; maybe try to save some for next year, hopefully.

Of course, I would like to spend more qualify time with my parents which are getting older; maybe partly finance them for a

China trip together. They never went together due to financial as well as other arrangement. 

I wanna be a wiser person too, as everyone grow old but not all grow more mature. I could use more of that! :)  

Happy New Year 2008, everyone! :)



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  1. TZ on January 9th, 2008 9:46 am

    Interesting 2008 resolution… you have about 350+ day to accomplish your resolution.

    I totally agreed with you as we need to have more quality time with our parents… I did this since 2001, every year, my parent and I, we select a place to have our vacation… Not necessary an expensive place… the most important is you and your parents are having some quality time together.

    I have not decided where to go for this year … most probably will not be China since China will be expensive due to 2008 olympic in Beijing. :->

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