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I first opened my first saving accounts when I entered university and the study loan as well as my allowance from my parents was banked into my account. It was when I start to manage my own financial. Later on when I started working, I opened many banking account as different companies requires different bank to pay for my salary.So I ended up with quite many banking accounts and it was a hassle to maintain all of them.This is why I am looking for a reliable bank that I can trust and do my transaction easily such as the Wamu bank! I hate queuing up at bank just for banking transactions as it really waste my time. But with Wamu, I could do online transaction easily with their secure site which is very easy and convenient at no extra cost. Beside, they have a guaranteed great market rate when I use their online Saving Accounts.

On top of that, I could also link my saving accounts to the Wamu Free checking account to enjoy the automatic saving plans. There are also online certificate of deposit rates as well as traditional and liquid CD services for different kind of needs for different people. Check out the wonderful services from Wamu bank for your financial needs~!


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