I have been avoiding going to the Pudu bus station as the last time I was there for a couple of hours, I was loaded up with acne on the very next day. The place is just full of smoke and it is very dirty. I have never had so many acnes on my cheek […]


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I have not been exercising regularly but thank God of the hiking activities lately, I hope it is sufficient exercise for my body. When I went back my hometown last weekend, again I went hiking with my friends. I also used the treadmill-alike equipment that my mother bought at home for half an hour.Â
I heard […]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is rather a new syndrome which first noted in the early of 20th century. The syndrome includes numbing or tingling in the fingers, especially the thumb, index as well as the middle fingers which might be noticeable at night. The numbness and tingling is due to pressure on the median nerve in the […]

PC Fair!

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PC fair is coming again this weekend and this time I am so tempted to go, albeit the huge crowd as usual. There is nothing in particular that I want to buy. But I am there for the promotional products which I am always attracted at!
Anyway, let’s see if I am free this weekend! Or […]


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Thank God it’s Thursday already and another working day, I could land myself to the weekend again. It has been a hectic week of decision and learning about various stuffs that is new to me. And yet I have to make wise decision in a short time!It is still not over but at least I […]

My diets have sort of been screwed over the weekend as I had a short trip on local trip. I almost didn’t have any fibre and vegetable intake for 2 days, but filled my system with barbequed food, fried and processed food! That’s really bad! This makes me force myself to eat sweet potatoes and […]

When I got my new Canon Digital Ixus 75, I was very excited as I was going travelling for the next couple of months! I couldn’t wait to finally use my new proper digital camera. But the thing was I needed to by a new spare battery and also memory cards. The new camera came […]


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I didn’t realise that my weight is plunging I am turning into a stick girl! But when my ex-colleague saw me over dinner yesterday, she said she was surprised to see that I am getting thinner!
I guess it is due to all the stress I am having at the moment. There is too much […]

I saw several houses on auction by the bank and they are selling at really low prices! It makes me wonder if I should just get one of those since the house prices is going up steadily in the bad economy. No wonder many are trapped in the financial problem and forced to sell their […]

Although I am trying hard sometimes I find it hard to eat healthily. I have heard many news about people getting cancer and variety of diseases that makes them so sick. I only can hope by living a healthier lifestyle, I could avoid those. And of course, by paying my term life insurance
promptly every […]

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