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I am frequently hooked to my headphones when I am at work or travelling in the train. My colleague said it is not good for my ears to listen using headphone so often.
Well, I am getting the best headphones and I am listening to songs in high volume, which I guess should be fine. How […]


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Since she has to work late, my housemate isn’t able to join her yoga class now. I think it is for the better as she gets to join the gym near her office.
Besides attending the yoga class in the gym, she is a big fan of the treadmills as well! I think that is a […]

One of my best friends is getting married this Sept and I am really excited for her. Today I thought of how we spent our years together in the university and I know that she loves me the most among the four of us.
I remembered during the first year, she found a pocket watch in […]

I am always nuts about stationery when I was studying. I have a range of colourful pens as well as highlighters as I love to use different colours on my notes. It makes me remember better and I love drawing as well!
But now after working for many years, I hardly buy any stationary. I was […]

Today marks the 3rd year I am in my previous company if I am still there, of course! I almost forgot it but a batch mate of mine MSN me early in the morning and reminded me.  Yeah, it coincides with the US Independence Day, a meaningful day indeed.
For awarding long service employee my previous […]


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“Why are you still so skinny no matter what you eat or much you eat?” a colleague used to ask me. I guess it is probably due to my high metabolism that keeps me skinny even though I hardly exercise at all.
For her, she isn’t as lucky as she needs to watch what her eat. […]

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