How much do you spend when you move to a new house? When I moved to this current house with my friends, we spend less than 2k for the furniture and electrical items as we only buy the basic stuffs. Such as a dining table, washing machine, water heater and some cooking appliance. I think […]

My friend and I were discussing about our digestions system today. I suspected that due to my bad digestion system, I couldn’t absorb all the nutrients and thus always underweight!She thought she has digestion problem too but the thing is she is overweight! Â
I think we need to check on our systems to see if […]

It has been raining for the past couple of days. The weather is so cold and it makes me so lazy to work. I just hope to cuddle with my pillow in the bed and sleep all day long with a good book. Â
But too bad, I can’t afford to skip work. I still need […]

“You are getting thinner!” exclaimed my friend when she saw me during dinner yesterday evening.
I can’t help it, I explained. I have been trying to gain weight for the past few months but nothing works.
I feel that I am left with skin and bone with hardly any flesh and I really need to put on […]

The weather is getting so hot lately and I really do not feel like going out with the hot scorching sun. What’s more the air conditioner in the car has not been behaving well as it is not as cooling as it used to be.
Maybe it’s time for a new a/c compressor for a more […]

Do you want to go to Matta travel fair later? He texted me and I was surprised! I thought the travel fair is in September! But alas, he got wrong information from his friend.

And of course I do not want to miss the travel fair as I could get very cheap travel ground packages there! […]

With the increase of petrol prices as well as groceries price and almost everything else, I find that it is harder to meet ends. The inflation is getting higher but there is not much different in our salary! I have to start doing budgeting and planning with my expenses every month or else I would […]

My brother just sms me yesterday to make sure that I am free and available on 24th August. He is finally graduating and getting his degree!!! Yupeee!! Finally all of us got a degree now and my parents must be relieved!!! =)
We have been anxiously waiting for him to graduate as he has been taking […]

I feel like shopping for new thumb drives as my current 1GB seems to be too small in term of space. Sometimes I need to make few transfers due to the limited size.

I was so reluctant to go to the PC fair just for a thumb drive as I know it would be very crowded. […]