My friend and I were discussing about our digestions system today. I suspected that due to my bad digestion system, I couldn’t absorb all the nutrients and thus always underweight!She thought she has digestion problem too but the thing is she is overweight!
I think we need to check on our systems to see if […]

It has been raining for the past couple of days. The weather is so cold and it makes me so lazy to work. I just hope to cuddle with my pillow in the bed and sleep all day long with a good book.
But too bad, I can’t afford to skip work. I still need […]

“You are getting thinner!” exclaimed my friend when she saw me during dinner yesterday evening.
I can’t help it, I explained. I have been trying to gain weight for the past few months but nothing works.
I feel that I am left with skin and bone with hardly any flesh and I really need to put on […]