To maintain our good health, it is best that we eat healthy and balanced food, with lots of vegetables and fruits! But much as I hate to admit it, sometimes I find it hard to swallow those vegetables as I hate the bitter and raw taste of it. So I tried to eat more fruits for […]

Gone has the days that everyone goes to the stores/shop/boutiques/malls/hypermarket to get what they want to buy. And people do not simply rush to the banks during office lunch hour to queue up at the banks to do banking transaction or paying their bills. Everything is now through online services even for futures trading which […]


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Yesterday was one of the better days I had. Reason was simple. I went shopping. Shopping always makes my day and makes it a better day. Now I am looking forward for the 2008 Black Friday sales to enjoy some special sales. I could use a widescreen digital photo frames to show my parents all […]