Healthy Tea Break!

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Tea time is my second favorite meal, the first being the breakfast. I guess I just like light meals where you don’t have the pressure to eat right or finding something heavy enough to eat.

But too bad, I couldn’t have my caffeine fix during tea time or else I’ll be suffering from insomnia the very night.  Normally I would have some biscuits, fruits, yogurt, junk foods or anything that I can reach for. 

Today I have been very good, or so I felt! I had 2 whole meal biscuits from Iko and fresh milk for tea time! I hope I could have more healthy meals so I can keep my acne under control. Most of the time I just couldn’t resist eating spicy and fried food. And the next thing I know, I need another acne treatment to fight all those break out! 

Well, more fruits and vegetables for me from now on! I hope I can keep it up! =)


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  1. clive on September 30th, 2008 9:51 am

    fruit and vegetable are good if having it every meal for me ! :D

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