The other day, while I was happily surfing internet in my room, suddenly the light went off and the fan stopped. Oh no, the electricity was out again! I could still use my laptop but there was no internet anymore. I quickly grabbed my torch light in the drawer but the battery was quite weak. […]

How well do I score in the credit report? I always assumed that I should do well with it as I had never have any problem with my credit and paying on time. But I couldn’t be really sure until I get my free credit report.
At, I could find out the meaning of credit […]

I remembered my second job as a customer support which I really learnt a lot of stuffs. Being a small company, my job scope expanded to admin, test engineers as well as churning reports for the software. I was even ordering retail pos systems for my customers as and liaising with the suppliers. But it […]

I always wonder why there is so many of my friends birthday fall on the end of the year. This year itself, there are at least 6 of my friends celebrating their birthday! I am running out of ideas on what to buy for them for birthday presents. For my good friend, I am thinking […]

Last couple of week has been quite stressful for all of us in the office. We have a tight deadline to meet with unrealistic pile of works to be done. All of us were having stress but all have different ways of de-stressing. I have been watching drama after work as I could escape into […]

It was good to rest in my hometown and rejuvenates for the 2 days before I get back to the stressful work. My mum made me some pure orange juice with the new juicer that my brother got for free from a lucky draw! She asked me if I have heard of Orovox, one of […]

When I reached my home last Friday, I was surprised by all the boxes in our house. There are boxes in the porch as well as in the living room. My mum was right; our house is such a mess right now as if we are doing some home business. It is actually all my […]

As I logged on to my online banking to pay for my credit cards today, I checked my reward points. I realised that my credit card isn’t giving me the best reward for my good credit history. I have been using it regularly for past 3 years and I have not missed a single payment […]

This few days has been quite frustrating at work with the high pile of workload and very slow internet connection! According to the network guy, the slow internet could be due to our inefficient old modem. They are proposing to get new HDMI switches. Whatever it is, I hope the network will recover soon as […]

I can’t believe that year 2008 has just been flying so fast and it is already end the year! It just whooshes over without a lot of things yet to be achieved for the year. But end of the year always means family time like Disney vacations for many. For me, I am looking for […]

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