I had a pleasant dinner with my 2 friends yesterday. We discussed for a long time where to have dinner and finally settled down for a nice Hong Kong restaurant near my place. The ambience was quite nice, at least not noisy like a food court. Though the food was not up to our expectation, […]

I have read a lot about tinted moisturiser in my favourite magazine and many tips on how to use them to enhance your look for different situations. But I have no idea what is tinted moisturiser!  After some googling, I find that it is a fence-sitter of the beauty world, not really a foundation but […]

How do you lose your weight effectively? Some people will do exercise everyday and excessively, wishing that they can burn the extra calories. Other will watch their diets and only eat a single fruit for dinner.
Some will even go for drastic step like surgery which cost a bomb. There is many things that people will […]

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