It is the long weekend for me as I was on leave. With so much time on hand, I tried to clear my long to-do list as I have been busy with work and other stuffs. One of the first things I did was to clean up my wardrobe! There are a pile of clothes […]


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One of the reason I dislike having my meals at the hawker stall is the many sales people disturbing you while you are having your meal with their products. It could be lottery tickets, watches, promotional pens and sometimes they even ask for donations for various charities. I know that some of them are just […]

My friend and I argued again on her plan to lose weight. She told me that she is dieting but from what I observed she eats larger portion of food than me every time we have dinner together. As we are very close friend, I criticized her on her high calorie intake that jeopardizes her […]

When we are buying a new house, one of the thing that we find out is the home owner insurance that we have to buy. I remembered the little girl’s house that my owner baby-sit was burnt down last year due to short circuit of an electronic item.
Nobody was at home during that time and […]

I was surprise to get another parcel this morning when the delivery man asked for me in the office. It made me wondered what it could be since I have not been ordering anything online since the bags which have arrived a couple of week ago. After signing the form, he asked to borrow the […]

It is the end of the year again and guess who is calling me? My insurance agent! She always called me at the end of the year to promote new life insurance quotes for me as well as to collect my annual insurance fees.
It is the only time of the year where I will meet […]

My friend recently got a job in Sony and able to get the products at staff price! He offered to buy a few electronic items for me at lower price. I wish I can get the Sony Vaio from him but even after a little discount, it is still too pricey for my budget. Â
But […]

Since young I have develop the reading habit. I read everything, from book to magazines to food’s label of ingredients or anything with word that I can set my eyes on. But coming from a poor background, we couldn’t afford to buy new books as it was a luxury to us. I get my source […]

It is Saturday today but I have to work. In fact I have volunteered to work so that I can be on a short vacation next week. I need to replace my leave so that I can finish my work on time to meet the deadline.
I even have to work tomorrow, on a Sunday! Â
Sometimes […]

Drip.. drip.. drip..
The sound of the water dripping from the tap in the bathroom has been haunting me the whole night.
The tap has been not been working well for the past week and nobody is free to fix it. I have been procrastinating it as I am so busy at work and going home late […]

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