The box of color pencil~

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When I was young, we were quite poor and couldn’t afford many things. I didn’t have as much stuffs as the other kid in school. I remembered always borrowing my friend’s color pencil for coloring.

Once, I wanted to borrow color pencil from a friend when I was 8 years old and another kid told her not to borrow me. She said I should ask my father to buy for me and I knew my father didn’t have much money. I just kept quiet.

One day I was sulking (I don’t remember why) but I remembered sitting in the living room doing my homework. My father just came back from the shop and put a box of new pencil color right in front of me. I was very happy as I wanted it much.

I always remembered that scene in my mind. I was touched that although he was financial tight, he always try to give me whatever I want, even though it was just a box of color pencil.

I hope I can give him whatever he wants now. I just want him to be happy. =)


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