It is Saturday today but I have to work. In fact I have volunteered to work so that I can be on a short vacation next week. I need to replace my leave so that I can finish my work on time to meet the deadline.
I even have to work tomorrow, on a Sunday!
Sometimes […]

Drip.. drip.. drip..
The sound of the water dripping from the tap in the bathroom has been haunting me the whole night.
The tap has been not been working well for the past week and nobody is free to fix it. I have been procrastinating it as I am so busy at work and going home late […]

Last Thursday I went to the night market with some of my girlfriends. It has been a long time since we last visited the night market with a lot of foods and accessories on sale!

I was so tempted to get some of the glittering necklaces and bracelets! But according to my friends, they could get […]


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I will put on weight when I am stressed and have plenty of work to do, my colleague complaint to us yesterday.

And too bad, now we do have a lot of work to do with deadlines to meet. When are they going to end? She felt that she has been pilling a couple of pounds […]