Last Thursday I went to the night market with some of my girlfriends. It has been a long time since we last visited the night market with a lot of foods and accessories on sale!

I was so tempted to get some of the glittering necklaces and bracelets! But according to my friends, they could get […]


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I will put on weight when I am stressed and have plenty of work to do, my colleague complaint to us yesterday.

And too bad, now we do have a lot of work to do with deadlines to meet. When are they going to end? She felt that she has been pilling a couple of pounds […]

When I was young, we were quite poor and couldn’t afford many things. I didn’t have as much stuffs as the other kid in school. I remembered always borrowing my friend’s color pencil for coloring.

Once, I wanted to borrow color pencil from a friend when I was 8 years old and another kid told her […]

My eyes are so tired from facing the monitor almost 10 to 12 hours a day! My job requires me to face the computer screen for the whole day in the office. And after work, I will usually switch on my personal laptop at home to blog or to surf net. Besides that, I read […]

As she has been in US for two times and both times were about 3 months, AV has been doing a lot of travelling around there. I was green with envy when she showed me the photos of here in Mexico, San Diego and Las Vegas. There was one of the photos where she was […]

I couldn’t believe that the credit card company would call me so soon, the very next day that I made my first online credit card application. Instant approval, it stated on the website. Now I finally understand what it means. It was really fast, easy and convenient!
I applied my very first credit card when we […]

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