This morning as I was thinking of what to write for my blog post, I suddenly remembered my late paternal grandmother. She had been practically missing from our lives for my first decade and after that she started to come frequently from Singapore and bought a house nearby.
It was then I started to get acquainted […]

Shopping is just an irresistible activity for most women. Nine out of ten women I know simply love shopping! And I guess that is why most of the products are targeted for the female, “female money is easiest to earn”, as a saying in Chinese.
And there’s just so many sales going on all year round. […]

Since Chinese New Year is around the corner, my parents wanted to repaint our house. It has been over 10 years since some of the interior walls are last painted! Some are really old and yellowish which makes our house look older! They are choosing the paints today and the painters would come tomorrow. Besides […]

I’ve just been back from my hometown for the Christmas break. It was a sudden decision to go back as there are so many days of public holiday. Besides I am not sure if I can go back early next month. As usual, there are always surprises in the house as my parents like to […]

I’ve finally finished the two books that I rented a month ago, a romance and also a thriller novel that keep me hooked every single night. At the same time, I have finished reading my magazines as well and there is no reading material for me right now.
It is frustrating not to own a transport […]

I couldn’t sleep well again yesterday night, despite 3 days of holidays, or perhaps that’s the reason. And my dark eyes circles is getting worse again.
Maybe I should get the Ogawa Eye Touch that a blogger friend is buying for her friend’s birthday.The benefit of using it includes :
Benefits :

Prevents or restrains myopia from getting […]

It is the end of the year again with plenty of holidays around the corner. Oh, well, festive seasons usually means as catching up with family and friends as well as plenty of food, especially in our food-oriented society. Whenever we visit someone house, they will surely serve drinks and yummy food. It is hard […]

I know my maternal grandmother since I was a little child. We visited her frequently during my childhood. During the first day of Chinese New Year, we would visit her with all other relatives. A happy occasion for a child.She got diabetic and soon was unable to move much herself. She couldn’t talk properly and […]


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Approaching 30s, most of my single friends feel pressurized by their family and the society to find a life companion. It does not only happen to the girls but as well as the guys as they have openly admitted to me that they want someone special in their life.
It is still alright when you have […]

Life is so unpredictable, like a roller coaster. Sometimes you can be on top of the moon and the next thing you know, you are down the drain!
For example, I am in the process of finding new employment with my unstable job right now. I have few calls from the recruitment companies for a few […]

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