New Home

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Today K and I were invited to a house warming of his friend. The couple had just newly moved in to a lovely condominium and they showed us around the house. We were impressed by the plaster ceiling that they did for the whole house and some fascinating lights. All the furniture is brand new […]

For this coming holiday, I wish we can go somewhere for a nice holiday instead of celebrating it like the previous years in my hometown. I know some of my friends actually take the opportunity to go for family vacation together. It would be fun to go for holiday during Chinese New Year. Serene and […]

The other day, my friend and I had dinner at a restaurant in Uptown after work. After the dinner, we were planning to go to Ikea to find some photo frames. But to our surprise, we couldn’t start the car’s engine! It has been a while since he last changed the car battery and we […]

Weak Knee

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After walking for about 5 hours, including shopping and taking public transportation, walking to the mall; I found that my right knee sore a little again. It only happened when I walked for a distance or carry heavy stuff like my laptop bag. I am very worried as I am quite young and my knee […]