I wake up to find that my computer memory is running low and it prompted me to restart my pc. Checking the memory through Performance at Task Manager, I could see that there is at least half memory available. Even my download has been suspended due to low memory. And the funny thing is my […]

KTong came over to our house the other night with his new Dell laptop, after planning to buy for months. It was quite beautiful, white exterior with black shining interior. But the specification isn’t as good but then for home usage, it is sufficient. For me, I’ll opt for a small netbooks if I get […]

Now that I am back to work at the city centre again, I frequent pass by the shopping malls during lunch hour and after work hour. I must say it is hard to resist the temptation to visit those boutiques when they are having sales!
What’s more, lately my friend introduced me to a great online […]

Growing up, I wasn’t used to gamble during CNY although I know many Chinese do that as part of the tradition. Maybe it was not my family culture and even my friends from hometown hardly do that. But this year, I spent a lot of time in KL and I suppose, it is the year […]

Valentine’s is around the corner again. How fast time flies! I still remember vividly last year’s Valentine and now we are at it again.
For those who are lost on what to buy for their loved ones, a great gift idea is talking watches! Well, at least I think it is quite a creative and unique […]

When I bought my laptop, it came with 1GB of RAM, two 512MB. But I find that the laptop is quite slow when it is loading Vista. After a year of using it, I decided that I absolutely need to upgrade my system memory by getting a 2GB.  

With only 2 slots, I am […]

I remembered that KW gave me a couple of sd card after he bought a new camera and he no longer needs them. But the thing is I couldn’t remember where I put them. I only have one right now, the one in my digital camera. But the rest of them are no where to […]

Today is the last day of Chinese New Year, the fifteenth day. As I wasn’t looking forward it at the first place, now I think I might be missing the festival.
 The festival means plenty of good food, red packets for the singles and excuse for visiting and of course, eating! I guess it is time […]

For this past few days with nothing much to do, I have been surfing a lot of internet and read many interesting blogs. One of my new favourite blog is by Srini Anumolu, a blogger from
India. I was amazed by the English that Indian blogger writes.
There is a lot of useful information from the […]