It is the long weekend for me, as I am on leave this Friday due to company’s request. I have not much plan except watching movie at home and run an errand, terminating my 1 year streamyx internet subscription. I am thinking to go to the wholesale shop but too lazy to go there on […]

After terminating my streamyx line, I stopped by at the Amcorp Mall on my way home. I haven’t been there for quite some times and I always love flea market there. As today is Friday, I didn’t expect to see the flea market stalls but to my surprise there are actually quite a few stalls […]

AV shared with me her colleague’s experience of house robbery during our dinner yesterday, after the dentist visit. He stays in a suburb’s apartment and the thief managed to break in by damaging 3 of his expensive door locks.
And the robber only took his DVD player and his new LCD mount! He said those […]


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Yesterday after work, I accompanied AV to the dentist as she has decided to put on braces! The decision has been delayed for years and after much persuasion, she finally decided that it is time. It is still not too late, she hopes, as she is not getting younger. It might take longer time to […]

So, would you like to buy a home theater seating at a special staff price? CK asked me when he landed himself a job in that shop.
I must say that I am very much tempted, what with the comfortable seat and many models. However, no matter how attractive the price is, I just couldn’t afford […]

Finally after I managed to get at least both participants for an online conference, we started to smooth out the plan for the weekend. I guess it is easier to liaise with other directly than to waiting for their response through email or text messages. With one day trip, they wouldn’t accommodation like the grand […]

It has been a tiring day, with all the new information getting into my head. And it doesn’t get easy when my friends are being so indecisive and not being as cooperative as I like. I couldn’t decide on the schedule when they do not give me their time of arrivals, especially DT. I know […]

Finally it’s Saturday again and I guess I am back to the routine of waiting for weekend to arrive. It always is this case when I am not as preoccupied during weekday as I would like. As they said, it is true that time flies when you are busy and didn’t watch the time as […]

After months of the new iPhone was launched, it finally made it way legally to our country. However, with the high prices, many of us do not think that it is worth taking up the packages although we have been waiting for the arrival of the iPhone for quite some time.
Anyway, I am eagerly looking […]


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LY, DT and I finally called it a night by 3.30am and by the time I brushed teeth, read a little and get ready for bed, it was already 4.30am! Something that I haven’t and wouldn’t have done for a long time. It wasn’t after a long sleep that my brother called me at 8am! […]

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