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LY, DT and I finally called it a night by 3.30am and by the time I brushed teeth, read a little and get ready for bed, it was already 4.30am! Something that I haven’t and wouldn’t have done for a long time. It wasn’t after a long sleep that my brother called me at 8am! […]

After a couple of hour catching up at the coffee café at Jonker Street, I realised that all the customers have left. We decided to go somewhere else for another drink, a drink after a drink and ended up at the river cruise. Too bad that the tide was high and there wasn’t enough people […]


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At this age, I find it harder to stay awake the whole night compared to last time in studying years. If I have only had a couple of hours sleeping at night, instead of at least 7 hours and above, I would felt very tired the next day. Sometimes I felt like a zombie, unable […]