During my recent trip to
Bali, we only booked two nights of hotel through the free and easy tour. As we have 4 days and 3 nights, we went scouring for another night of hotel there. I think it would be better and cheaper to book hotel on spot rather than pre-booking them. They have many […]


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The other day, I helped my father to clear up his store room as he wanted to repaint it. There are just so many junks accumulated throughout the 16 years we have been living in the house.
The hardest part is to go through all his old documents and decide what was to go into the […]


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My cough syrup is running out and I am wondering if I should go back to the clinic to get more prescriptions. I haven’t been coughing much lately except for yesterday night due to consumption of cold drinks.

But the cough syrup does help me sleeps better! Or else I would have turned and tossed for […]


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Every month I try to calculate my monthly expenses to see if I have overspent. With the bad economy, one couldn’t be too careful to watch their spending.
But since early of this year, I find that my monthly expenses has been quite high, way above my budget. It is due to the unavoidable expenses like […]

I think it has been over 3 years since I last met my insurance agent! It must have been cruel of me to keep refusing to meet her when she is in town. However she called again yesterday night and insisted to meet me as she wants to send me the new insurance quote. 

Well, can’t […]

When the majority are girls, the topic usually would be about shopping, cooking, family and household stuff. But when the majority are guys, I was almost dying of boredom with the topic like guns, shooting, Ferrari parts, gadgets and cars! Now I am thankful that most of the time, there are more girls than guys […]

Yesterday night, YC turned out unexpectedly at our house about 9.30pm. He gave me a shock when he made some funny sound at my window; my room is at the front of the house. I couldn’t see him as it was dark outside and for a while, I was scared!
But turned out, it was just […]

PC Fair

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I just realised that PC fair is just another 2 weekend away (10th -12th April) and I was planning to go back to hometown that weekend! Apart from the crowd, I always love jostling the fair to grab some stuff at exceptional prices! This time round, I am thinking of getting some compact flash cards […]

This week the time passes very fast that without realising, it is already Thursday! I always have to count my days before weekend approaching but I hardly felt the time passing by. It is probably that I am involved in project now and it really fully occupies my time in the office. I haven’t felt […]

AV told me that a lady in her company has just received a fine Audemars Piguet watch for her 20 years of long service award in her company! It was really surprise to hear that. Fancy someone staying in the same company for as long as two decades! Most people I know change job after […]