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Action movie has never been really my type of movie. It just made mind wander off during all the fighting and action scenes. But sometimes I have to be more flexible when someone wants to watch them and well, that was what I did today.

I went to watch Terminator 3. I actually fell asleep more […]

There’s many ways that people do to keep in shape. But I couldn’t stand my freaky friend that counts every single calorie that she consumes.
She would take a notepad everywhere she goes and jot down all the food and estimated calories that she consumes, even for all the drinks.
I felt that it is tiring to […]


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This morning I lazed on my bed till about 11am, although I wake up a few times in between. It is so blissful to be able to sleep late on weekend.
But I felt guilty for not cleaning my room for nearly two weeks. After a light breakfast, I started to clean my room by […]

We went to our favourite hawker centres today and although we were not really hungry, we ordered more than our usual portions! Initially I thought of having white porridge with chicken but I ended up ordering fried carrot cake as well! Lately, my appetite seems to be getting better and I eat more than my […]


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I planned to join CL for hiking this morning but I couldn’t pull myself out of the bed by 7am! Weekend is too precious to be waking up earlier than weekday, or so the lazy bone in me felt! Now he is back from hiking and taking a cat nap.
I am famished but I have […]

I was barely back from my holiday in Bali for a month when my brother told me that he desperately needs a holiday. His work is mainly dealing with people and it is really driving him crazy trying to coordinate them and having them to do their own part. From my own experience I know […]

For a few days straight in May, there are a few of my friends celebrating their birthday. So many May babies! One of them are my good friend but she couldn’t be celebrating this year due to some unfortunate family matters. So I am not sure if she is up and if we could celebrate […]

With the bad economy, I wish to be able to have a side income. But it is quite tough with a full time job. The only possible job would be insurance agent as it is more flexible in term of timing as well as skill. You can even buy life insurance lead that would have […]

I got a weird email today, telling me to watch out for their next surprise which would make me happy. Curiously I clicked on the link and landed on a commercial real estate website. I have forgotten that I signed up for membership in the website a couple of months ago to view some of […]

New Baby

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Sheryl has been missing in action for months and we haven’t heard from her since her wedding last year. But today she called up every one of us in the group and surprised us with her new baby announcements!
We were not even aware that she was pregnant and suddenly she told us this happy news. […]

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