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Action movie has never been really my type of movie. It just made mind wander off during all the fighting and action scenes. But sometimes I have to be more flexible when someone wants to watch them and well, that was what I did today.

I went to watch Terminator 3. I actually fell asleep more […]

There’s many ways that people do to keep in shape. But I couldn’t stand my freaky friend that counts every single calorie that she consumes.
She would take a notepad everywhere she goes and jot down all the food and estimated calories that she consumes, even for all the drinks.
I felt that it is tiring to […]


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This morning I lazed on my bed till about 11am, although I wake up a few times in between. It is so blissful to be able to sleep late on weekend.
But I felt guilty for not cleaning my room for nearly two weeks. After a light breakfast, I started to clean my room by […]

We went to our favourite hawker centres today and although we were not really hungry, we ordered more than our usual portions! Initially I thought of having white porridge with chicken but I ended up ordering fried carrot cake as well! Lately, my appetite seems to be getting better and I eat more than my […]