I couldn’t stop staring at my nose in the office washroom as it was very bright. The mirror was just next to the window. And I could see my blackhead at my nose very clearly!

I have been quite lazy in extracting the blackhead lately and the result is unsightly nose! Thinking of getting blackhead remover […]

As we grow older, our body metabolism slow down and thus we burn fats slower than usual. However most of us continue to eat the same portion of meals as we used to have when we were younger. Therefore many gain weight easily, especially with the lack of exercise.
Many people have different ways of losing […]

No dinner

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As I was told there was a presentation at 6pm, I went to work later than usual as I would be going home late. But too bad it was cancelled. So I rushed to sauna with my girl friends as I have not gone for any session this month!

After the sauna session, we went to […]


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I dragged myself out of bed again today after I had an unsatisfying night sleep. It makes me dreading to go to work and wish that someone leaves me a big fortune so I could break free from working life!

Perhaps I would choose to travel the world in a trailer and stops at the rv […]

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