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Last month I have a string of back and neck ache which really worries me. It went away already and I suspected that it must due to sleep instead of the office furniture. It is certainly a better chair than my previous company and we couldn’t stand it and have to bring it up to […]

Having to take 4 trips of train to work everyday, I think it is a good way to observe different type of people. Mainly during peak hours, I can see many office people rushing to get to the office.Â
Eavesdropping is a common thing, as everyone was cramped in a tiny compartment; so it is hard […]


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I had a gathering with my ex-colleagues again today at Carl’s Jr; 4 girls gathering. As usual, when we met up, we chat non stop and laugh all night! We always took photos but too bad that none of us remember to bring the digital cameras.
One of the girls plan to change her job and […]

After a year of battling acne, it started to clear off a couple of months ago. I thought that it’s gone for good, perhaps it was a bad phase where the office environment didn’t suit my skin or maybe hormones issue.
However, about a week ago, I started to notice that acne is creeping to my […]

For the past 3 years, I have been charging the insurance premium to my credit card; thus I do not have to worry about remembering to pay them every month. I didn’t notice the life insurance rates has since increased for two months till I checked my credit card bill yesterday!
I thought my agent would […]


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And again, during dinner the other day we had the favorite & classic discussion topic among the ladies and even the men nowadays: how to lose the extra weight, or the not so extra weight. I don’t understand why do we have to go it again and again on the best fat burner or the […]

Sam asked me why do I want to go back to my hometown this weekend when my parents asked me not to go back unnecessarily due to the wide spreading flu. Well, for one, I need to collect my mails. Most of the mails are still posted to my hometown address as I move frequently […]


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Are you the type of person who loves going to trade fair or exhibition or special event even when you are not interested in the products or services that they are exhibiting?An ex-colleague of mine simply loves going to any trade fair or exhibition! And then I found out the reason why when I saw […]

The other day I was looking for the new floss that I bought last year. I remembered buying a few pieces as it was rather cheap; which explains why I have so many surplus stuff! But the thing is I couldn’t remember where I put them! I have a few storage places for the new […]

36 Floors

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On Tuesday morning, the fire alarm suddenly rang! We were stunned for a moment as we were told that the fire drill was supposed to be at 3pm. But it is only 11am when it went off and caught us off guard!
Nevertheless I quickly locked my drawer, grabbed my mobile phone and quickly joined my […]