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Are you the type of person who loves going to trade fair or exhibition or special event even when you are not interested in the products or services that they are exhibiting?An ex-colleague of mine simply loves going to any trade fair or exhibition! And then I found out the reason why when I saw his many stainless steel mugs and stationery from different companies!

Yes, he loves collecting promotional giveaways which is given for free at the trade event! Oh gosh! I find that a little petty, especially coming from a guy.But then again, I understand that it can be fun to collect all those cute items and most of them are quite useful too. However I am just too lazy to go and spend time going around.

At anypromo website, there are a wide range of such promotional gift which is customizable to the company logo and message. The price can starts from as low as few cents which suits all budgets.There are a wide range of product categories such as bags, calendar and planners, computer accessories, desktop products, magnets, mugs, electronics, office supplies and the list goes on!I have never seen such many creative promotional items before!

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