After many days in row of leaving the office after 10 or 11pm, I felt quite tired and have no life! However feeling a little bored today, I quietly slip out at 7.15pm. I felt a little guilty for leaving so early although I have even put on extra hour!
When I got home after dinner, […]


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Work has been a little hectic lately, putting on about 70 hours last week! I think I’ve never been so productive and hard working for a long time. Although when I was idle, I always wish I was more occupied; but certainly not to this level where I think of my work day and night […]

My Space

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I got a new 160GB external hard disk earlier this year and now it is almost full! Initially I thought that the space is huge and I would take a long time to fill them up. But only a few dramas seasons and movies already consumed more than 70% of my storage. Not to mention […]

Even her efforts of checking the diet pill reviews website wouldn’t help much now especially after she indulged in all those good foods during her trip recently. Or so that is what she claims!

MJ has been on diets and watching her foods carefully for the past couple of months. But she said she’s afraid that […]

Back from work, I was happy to see another issue of newsletter from Sushi King waiting for me on the table. Lately I have a little craze for Japanese food especially a whole complete set that comprises of rice, grilled salmon/mackerel or unagi, miso soup, chawanmushi and side condiment!
Maybe it is due to the book […]