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With the freaking hot weather, I have to use two fans in my medium sized rented room to cool me down. Day and night.
And I guess is is probably time to get an air conditioner but not the conventional type. A portable one. It is kind of hard to find one in the local shops […]


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As most of the many older generations, my parents do not have life insurance. Financial was a little difficult in those days for them to afford the luxury of life insurance although it does provide security for most people.
However, as they are getting older, it is not easy to buy a life insurance for them […]


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Wooohooo! Four days holiday, a much needed holiday for me. And for many people as well, I believe. Needed a break, I am heading north for some good food and hopefully shopping. A de-stress trip for me or I might need acne treatments for all the pimples that are popping up.
I hope there wouldn’t be […]


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My father called me yesterday night and enthusiastically told me about the China tour that he planned to go for this coming October. I thought that my brother got the tour information from the Matta Travel fair but apparently he sourced it through the web directories!Â
The package seems a little too pricey but then he […]


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I thought work would start to wrap up last week or this week but it seems to never end! Another challenge to face and I will need another de-stress method instead of clenching & gritting my teeth, especially when I sleep. I remembered reading that every time that you are consciously aware of the action, […]