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Gosh, year end is approaching fast this year! I felt that it has not started too long ago. I am so looking forward for my upcoming trip to Bangkok!

This year, I only have two small trips compared to the previous years. I wish I could have afford better trips like Europe tours or Orlando vacations. […]


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I guess the dirtiest part of my rented house that I shared with my friends is the kitchen! Well, since it is the shared areas, nobody was really responsible to that room. Everyone cooks and dirty the place but not enough effort to clean it up.
What’s more the thrash bin is always full and […]

Every weekend, I have the same routine for cleaning my room that probably take a couple of hour. Sweep the floor, wipe all the surfaces in the room like table, shelves & wardrobes, mop the floor, do laundry through the washing machine, hand wash some of my more fragile clothing and clean the shower faucets.Â
And […]


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After finding that my cholesterol has dropped significantly, though still above the borders,I have not been watching my food intake as much as I would like.
Last year, I skimped on seafood and cholesterol-laden food especially deep fried foods that I love so much. But this year, I am so much more lenient to myself! I […]

Yesterday after a very tiring day at work, I wanted to eat something nice for dinner! He wanted something sour, hot and spicy and so we headed to the Korean restaurant near my house although we have never tried it before.
I love the side dishes that they served at each table as there were about […]


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As we passed by the new café, we were surprised that it was still packed at the middle of the night! More surprising is it is a weekday! Don’t these people have to work the next day?
I couldn’t understand why some Pappa Rich cafĂ© are so packed while the others are have too few customers […]

Many of my friends are starting to use the new iPhone, even my brother! It does look pretty cool but the price here isn’t as cool as it is in the States. Even those package offered by mobile provider is not making it affordable to everyone. I guess that is why they rather buy from […]

A friend of mine kept pestering me to find someone to help her at work. It seems that her current assistant is not motivated enough and do not have initiative in doing her task. Initially I was a little interested but then I realised that dealing with people which is her main task isn’t what […]


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Recently I wake up with slight discomfort on my back. I am wondering if it is my sleeping posture or my pillow isn’t comfortable enough. Now I am suspecting whether if it could be my mattress. I have been sleeping on this mattress for at least 6 years and it is not a great one […]

This year, Deepavali seems to be a lighter festival for my Indian friends. They weren’t as busy as they used to be in those previous years, where they hardly have time to dress up nicely and go visiting to other friend’s house with us. And thus, we went to 3 houses and splurged on those […]

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