Eye Care

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I think the most valuable feature/part of myself that I treasured most are my eyes! I was having lunchie with one of my treasured-bestsie when we saw another blind fella sitting on the table, eating his lunch. We couldn’t imagine how dark their world must be, never to see what they are eating, to see the beautiful worlds and navigate their life as we do. It must be too painful and sad but I think they are just so strong and brave.- For eye care, I eat a lot of carrots and occasionally taking beta carotene supplements as well as food that is rich with Vitamin A, red/orange colour food and fruits!- Recently I am more faithful to my eye-cream regime for twice a day after noticing some wicked-fine-lines which are NOT suppose to pop up, not now, not ever! But it does! >_< - Facing too much computer, I have dry eyes quite often and I use artificial tears to moisten them, but I could hardly fight my strong and stubborn will to stop using the computer after work. Maybe reducing it is what I can do for now. - Blink a lot whenever you can. And close your eyes for a while when it is tired.- And lastly, I use eye masks every now and then to hydrate my eyes.


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