As I child, I remembered my parents only bought the basic shampoo to wash our hair. I have soft, shiny, long hair which was de envy of my bestie and her mother!

During one trip of my paternal grandmother from

Singapore, she brought some items for us when I was secondary school, as she always did. One of the items was hair conditioner! We never knew what it was and have never use it. She just explained that it was to soften the hair.

It was one of the luxury stuff that we couldn’t afford back then and rather unfamiliar to us. I remembered learning how to apply it to my hair after shampooing.The memory just appeared in my mind when I was washing my hair just now. The introduction of hair conditioner by my modern grandmother from Singapore. She passed away when I was in Secondary Three.

One of the advice that I always remembered from her is “Don’t mind too much of other’s business, just take care of your own”. :)


2 Responses to “Hair Conditioner by My Grandmother~”

  1. 3POINT8 on December 21st, 2007 12:14 am

    Haha…i’ve never used a hair conditional before. maybe because i’m a guy!

  2. Fluffy~ on January 5th, 2008 12:56 pm

    many guys dont use.. perhaps their hair is quite short..but for girls, it is a must.. else.. hm.. very dry n not nice hair :D

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