As I child, I remembered my parents only bought the basic shampoo to wash our hair. I have soft, shiny, long hair which was de envy of my bestie and her mother!
During one trip of my paternal grandmother from
Singapore, she brought some items for us when I was secondary school, as she always did. […]

Today has been a groggy day to me; still recovering over the little sickness I have on Saturday. The flu, sore throat and the unsurfacing fever are keeping me down. Although the pill has been good to me in terms of resting and falling asleep easily, it doesn’t help in fighting the virus well.
I couldn’t […]

The canon marathon is finally here, tomorrow at Sunway Pyramid! I am still considering if I should wake up earlier than my working days to join the event and most importantly grab the goodie bags. I am not too sure what it contains, probably a Tshirt, some snacks and office supplies?
But most probably I would […]

After some fast food for lunch and fried noodles for dinner yesterday, my body starts to rebel today. I was already feeling heaty before this and it was indeed too much to indulge in this sinful food.
I wake up with sore throat and sore throat capsule doesn’t seems to help, even with plenty of water. […]

After much thoughts, I decided to join my colleagues to Isetan during lunch time to grab some green tea, juices, sushi, best weight loss supplements and Japanese green pea that were selling at exceptionally low price.
But gosh, the crowd was mad! Everyone was pushing and jostling to grab the items and the queue were crazily […]

The evening of working day is usually a private time for me as I do not like to go out. Normally I like to go home to rest after a long day of work, either watching movies or reading a book.
But this week, I am fully booked by friends, colleague and ex-colleague for dinner! And […]


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Every time I went to my favourite hair salon, owned by a man who looks more like a lady himself, I love to watch his pond. He has this rock pond inside his salon that look like a natural one with plants and fishes.

The pond is rather small and can fit nicely even in a […]

With only a room, there isn’t much that I could do to improve the room condition in term of furnishing. The thoughts of improvement came when I was flicking the latest Ikea magazine!
Gosh, I could do with new furniture but that would mean I would throw away the existing one. The most I could add […]

Eye Care

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I think the most valuable feature/part of myself that I treasured most are my eyes! I was having lunchie with one of my treasured-bestsie when we saw another blind fella sitting on the table, eating his lunch. We couldn’t imagine how dark their world must be, never to see what they are eating, to see […]


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As I was seated beside Cheryl during the wedding dinner yesterday, we talked about our job.  guess I should have done what she did, which is to hold on tight to the job which less work pressure.
She could go back punctually everyday and never have to think about work after working hours. And me? Almost […]

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