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Every time just before I go for travel, I always wondered what shoes should I wear. Should I opt for a comfy Cole Haan shoes or should I go for a more fancy shoes that would look good in the photos!

Yes, I do have plenty of thoughts about them. But whenever I asked anyone, they […]


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This morning, Suz told me about her nightmare which she was chased by a group of monster. How funny is that!
I realised that I seldom have this type of ridiculous nightmare. The only constant nightmare that I always have is I was going to miss my flight or bus and I was not done with […]


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This year, my company held the annual dinner twice, once at the beginning of the year and one at the end of the year; which was just recently.
Of course I didn’t join the first one as I wasn’t even an employee yet when it was held. But I saw some photos of them and I […]


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Finally, tomorrow I’ll be flying to Bangkok for a shopping spree! Or I felt that it is more to a well-deserved-post-project-break for me as I’ve felt a little too tired from all the time and effort on the project. I can’t wait to splurge on fancy t-shirts, MBT shoes and stuffs!

I’ve been to Bangkok a […]