Finally, I have enough desire and strength to do the much-needed spring cleaning to my room. I have always wanted to tidy up my many drawers as it was pretty messy and clogged up with a lot of useless and old stuffs that I have accumulated over the years.
Knowing that I would be at home […]

I M Sorry

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Have you done something bad that you didn’t realise? For example throwing something precious of someone you love without knowing it?Well I did. It makes me so guilty although it was a pure accident. I didn’t expect it to happen and I didn’t even know about what I did until it was way too late. […]

I hate pores on my face as it always appear on both side of my cheek. How do I control it? Why does it grow bigger?
Here are some answers for pores fact!
-        Anything that clogs up your pores extends its natural diameter thereby making it appear larger than life. Yucks!

-        To make pores return to […]


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I helped my brother to pay the road tax through the online services of MyEG; which was wonderfully efficient and easy! I found out about the service a couple of years ago when his road tax was about to expire and he didn’t have time to renew it as he was too busy.
A friend advised […]

Live Life

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One of my friend just love to whine. Every time I meet her, she will complains to me about her life; the thing she lacks of and things that could get better in her life. She just view her life in a negative way and never seem to be happy, no matter whatever is happening […]

I always have nice and clear skin. It’s not exactly excellent but at least I do not have major skin problems. Only sometimes I’ll have some pimples at certain times of the months or when I eat too much heaty stuffs.
That is probably why I am lazy to take good care of it till recently. […]

Check Up

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Recently I have been feeling a little tired lately. I am not sure if I have too little rest or maybe not-quality sleep or is my cholesterol on the rise again! it is time to do medical checkup but as usual, I am procrastinating it. I just had my second Hepatitis A jab yesterday and […]


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Have u experienced sleeping with your mind working? I mean you are practically thinking and couldn’t stop thinking even when you are sleeping. I felt that it’s happening to me sometimes. Before I slept, probably I did some thinking and it wouldn’t go away! My mind is looping on what I thought of when I […]


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Today we have a very quick lunch at only 30 minutes; including the walking time, ordering, waiting, eating and walked back to the office! We even got a pack of nutrisystem trial packs that were distributed outside office building. That was pretty efficient lunch time and we were back to office so quickly.
Or course not […]

Growing up, my father always advised me not to sit immediately when someone got up from a seat. It is bad to sit on the warmed-up-seat as it could cause hemorrhoid! I don’t know if that is true as I don’t see how it is possible to cause it at the first place. I have […]

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