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I used to have many acnes at my back but it has soon cleared up about a year ago. But recently I found that they are coming back! I don’t know if I am too heaty lately or maybe my diet was getting unhealthy again. I’ve been taking a lot of high sugar food and […]

As many others, I have totally forgotten about the new rule of no shopping as no plastic bags will be given out on every Saturday. It was the first Saturday of the year when the implementation was carried out for the first time. It is a certainly good move to care for our mother earth. […]


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I hope I don’t have to work on this weekend though. It has been a busy busy month. Not a very good start for a new year. I need more time for myself to organise the many photos taken over the last month. I need to catch up with my reading; watch my fav drama, […]


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Every year, I would renew the car road tax for my brother as well as help him to renew his car insurance. The expiry date is always in January but I do not remember the exact date.
For the past few days, I’ve been texting him to find out the expiration date of his car […]


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Just now I heard that my friend’s house was being robbed again when nobody was at home in the morning. Total loss was about 10k and including a laptop and his mom’s jewellery. He was very upset that his laptop was stolen as well as all his photos was in it!
There were not backup and […]


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How many bags are enough for you?
For me I need many bags. 
A few backpacks; for work or travel or go back to my hometown.
A few formal handbags; which I used to use for work but not anymore.
A few casual bags, big and small; for shopping, movies, dinners or casual outing.
A sling bag; normally for travelling.
A […]

After four days of holidays, it was really hard to get myself out of the bed early in the morning.I wish I got more sleeps over the holidays so I wouldn’t feel so sleep-deprived now.
All the holidays are over now and it is time to get back to work and concentrate on them again.
There’s a […]

My best friend confided in me that she gradually likes a guy friend that she used to like when she was in school. They have not been meeting up each other for quite many years and suddenly this guy appears in her life again. He gives her feeling of excitement like courtship again which has […]

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