The other day, I saw an odd advertising on a public cab! The cab was just slowing down right in front of us on a traffic light right when I noticed a white A4 paper pasted on the back windscreen.
Upon closer look I saw that it is an advertisement on house rental, written with marker […]


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Today on the way to work, I heard on radio that western woman could reduce the risk of breast cancer by eating less and exercising more. Why it refers to western woman only, I am not too sure. I believe woman of all continents would greatly benefit from the same practice. It makes me think […]


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Though my work place near one of the coolest shopping mall in town, I seldom see the outdoor décor of the mall as I went through the car park. My friends always asked me if I have checked out their decorations during festival seasons as they saw the grand designs through newspaper.
Well, I guess that […]


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When I was cleaning my dressing ‘drawer’ the other day, I saw that some of my skincare and cosmetic has been there for a couple of years! I am always tempted to get buy those skincare especially when it comes in small cute bottles or trial versions.
Sometimes I am too lazy to finish using it […]


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My friend suspected that my previous break outs on both side of my cheeks are due to my hair. She asked if I have used a different hair products. According to her, she had the same breakout some months ago and her beautician said it was caused by her long hair that swept over her […]


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My friend is trying to make his husband to quit smoking. She bought her some chewing gum that is supposedly to help smoker to quit but it doesn’t work. Next she heard that there’s a type of pill that induce the smokers to stop smoking by altering the smoking experience. It doesn’t come cheap though […]


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Last weekend when I was back to my hometown, I realized that I forgot to bring back my acne cream and a huge acne is popping out! Knowing that my brother usually has a lot of skincare supply, I slipped into his room and voila, I got what I was searching for! There was even […]


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There is this new shop opening in my office building. The little shop has been vacant for quite some time and I have no idea what business was there previously. The shop is pretty small but it was fanciful renovated!
From the brochure that they passed during lunch time we found out that it is more […]


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From time to time, I would feel that my eyes are very dry. It is a seasonal dry eyes symptom for me. Not only I felt that my inner eyes are dry, I felt that the eyelids are dry and flaky too sometimes! My only remedy is to put eye cream on the lid and […]

Ice Cream

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Today might be a good day to have an ice cream as it is Baskin Robin pink Wednesday promotion. Until for a limited time, perhaps until the end of April, we could have a double scoop of ice cream at the price of one; by just showing a pink item to them!

I had one last […]

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