Random : Today in the LRT, I saw someone reading a book while standing at the middle of the train and he was really immense in it.
He was standing right opposite me, holding up his book high.And thus I stole a glance at the title of the book which is as thick as the novel […]

How many times have you bought something which you thought it is a good buy until you saw another place selling it for few bucks cheaper? And you go #$%^&*($)(!*&@^%#!! (ok, maybe only applies for girls). Or sometimes you buy something that you think a little too pricey. Then you were told that the other place […]


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I love to travel but I hate to pack! Before I start packing, I usually make a list of things that I would bring. Actually I have a standard list of stuff to bring for travels but not all travels are the same, thus I need to customize the list.
It is always a headache to […]


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A friend of mine is trying every possible way to lose weight. She has been looking for diet pills that work but unfortunately all her diets never seem to work on her.
Currently she is trying to cut down on her food portion. The thing is she has always have been portions for her meals. And […]

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been sleeping late, about 12 to 1am. I hate to fall into the routine of sleeping late, knowing that it is hard to sleep early again without sleep aid. And the worse thing is feeling tired and sluggish the next day at work; feeling unproductive or frustrated.
But I […]


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Even with the service provider contract, I think iPhone is really quite expensive, especially that the monthly plan is rather high. Thank goodness I am not a big fan of gadget and iPhone. I felt that it is a little too big for me to carry around.
And I am not addicted to games. Aha!
My friend […]


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Good to be back to Malacca again! My parents were so excited to talk about their upcoming China trip. I think this gonna be the first time they travel there together. Usually my mother would join her siblings and my father would go with my uncle.

But this time, there are travelling together and my brother […]


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When I checked the USD rate against MYR rate just now, I was surprise that it plummeted again! For the past couple of years, the MYR hovers around 3.4 with plus and minus around 0.1 or so.
But now it is only 3.22 which are pretty low and it has been quite low for a few […]

For those big fan of sushi out there, you might want to take note of the next upcoming Sushi King promotion bonanza of RM2 sushi plates on the kaiten belt! Yes, it is happening twice every year, usually on April and September!

I am a big fan myself, indulging on those unagi, salmon, prawns and baby […]

Eye Drop

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This morning, I woke up with swollen right eyes and I could hardly open it. I suspected that it is due to much rubbing in the night. Sometimes I do that and it is hard to control it as I didn’t know that I was doing it!
Putting on a sunnies, I went to the clinic […]

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