Eye Drop

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This morning, I woke up with swollen right eyes and I could hardly open it. I suspected that it is due to much rubbing in the night. Sometimes I do that and it is hard to control it as I didn’t know that I was doing it!
Putting on a sunnies, I went to the clinic […]


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Recently, I realised that there are more and more foreign labours coming to our country. They used to come from Philippines and Indonesia but now they are even from China, Nepal, Vietnam and Myanmar.

I met a Myanmar lady during my facial session although I didn’t really get to see her clearly as the room was […]

The reason that I finally visited the beauty salon is the many acne on my face. Or so I thought that it is called acne; or that it is the same as pimples.

However I found out that they are different. We want to avoid acne, so she said. It is actually a permanent thing on […]