Retail Therapy~

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How many times have you bought something which you thought it is a good buy until you saw another place selling it for few bucks cheaper? And you go #$%^&*($)(!*&@^%#!! (ok, maybe only applies for girls). Or sometimes you buy something that you think a little too pricey. Then you were told that the other place is selling for an even higher price which makes your purchase seems to a worthy one! And you feel the satisfaction swelling inside you and pat yourself at the back, good buy!

Or after reading apidexin reviews you thought that it definitely suits you, but only to realise it is not after you use it.
Or you have the need to get something coz it is so cheap, although do not need it right now. I know only girls do it. Or only me. (but i know of guys that do that too!) And retail therapy does make me happier and chase away the blues. However small my purchase could be. Maybe a bottle of cutex at the fraction of price or a hair clip or something cute (but useless). 

Paying money for something that I can bring back feels good. At least at the time of transaction. Doesn’t matter it hides behind de closet or inside the drawer for months or even longer.  

Even writing about it feels a little good. Yeah, maybe I should write instead of buy.  


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