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After a few weekend trying to make appointment with my busy beauty salon, I finally managed to get a slot last weekend. There were having major renovations and thus most of the rooms were not available for service.
My beautician was surprised by the number of acne popping out on my face! She thought that I […]


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Shutter, a horrifying ghost movie from
Thailand that I watched a couple of years ago. It is about a young man, haunted by a ghost whenever he goes. He is a photographer but he couldn’t take the picture of the ghost even after many attempts. And he has crucifying shoulder and neck pain that was […]


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MJ asked me to accompany her to watch another horror movie over the weekend. I agreed to it s I haven’t been out with her for quite a long time and kinda miss the girls-outing.
We went to One Utama and the movie was a little boring. I didnt know why they gave the rating as […]


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This movie is starred by the famous Jay Chow, Lun Mei Guey and Anthony Wong. I first heard of the story about half a year ago from my ex-roommate who was crazy about it. She couldn’t help but excitedly told me the whole story, from beginning to the end. And I finally rented it from […]


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I am currently crazy about downloading movie! Since the day I missed my Desperate Housewives Season 4 on TV, I decided to start downloading using torrent.Before this I do not like the idea of downloading as it seems to take a long time and I might be exposed to virus and hacker. But I think […]

The Internet at home was down, I suppose due to the freaking heavy rain and thunders and lightning bolts yesterday. Not only one server is down but a few couple others too! Life without internet is so miserable! But not so if you have a couple of downloaded Desperate Housewives Season 6 to watch after work, […]

“Why do you wake up so early on weekend?” Suzanne asked me.
“Early? It’s 9.30 am and I slept at 12.30am. So it’s already 8 hours”, I told her.She amazes me when she said she slept for 11 hours and sometimes more on weekend! I don’t understand how some people can sleep so much.
We only need […]

First Aid

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It is useful to know some first aid, CPR, live saving techniques during emergency as we do not know when we would face such situation.
I remembered joining the school club that taught us the basic first aid. It was so many years ago and I almost forgot all of them. I guess it will be […]


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Elton John sang ‘Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Words’. AZ Yet sang ‘Hard To Say I’m Sorry’.But I think the hardest word to say is GoodBye.It makes me turned & tossed at night till 2am in the morning.
I am still dreading it but it will have to come out eventually. The process of making […]


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How to park a car in a difficult situation? I think the only driving skills that I really need to sharpen is parking! I hate parking but I guess it is very important to learn it. What good would driving skill be without parking skill?
To learn you the ‘basic’ turning and banging, you can check […]

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