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I think I am depending heavily on my medicine to help me sleep sometimes. At times, I could be laying for a couple of hours on my bed, trying to sleep but it does not comes easy.

I really envy people who can sleep within minutes they lay their head on the pillow. Maybe these are […]

I try to decrease my usage of plastic bag and paper as part of the environment friendly campaign. But I couldn’t deny having to use it sometimes when I forgot to bring my own bags when doing grocery shopping and I certainly need an exit alarm to remind myself.
The best way is to recycle materials […]

This morning I wake up at 7.30am! I don’t even wake up so early on weekdays when I am going to work! I didn’t have early sleep the night before and so I felt a little sleepy. I went to Batu
Caves with somes friends as they are having little training for upcoming KK trip!
I just […]


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I have to take another chocolate to boost my endorphin release, I told myself the other day when I was feeling quite down. And so I devoured some chocolates to make myself happier! And yes, chocolate is good for you as they contain antioxidants and help release the good-mood-hormones in our brain, endorphin.
Of course, higher […]


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The other day, dining a fine restaurant with my friends I find that the chair seats are rather hard and not comfortable. It does not properly support our back as we were seated there for quite long, catching up with each other’s lives. Well, of course I expect a better seat from the restaurants with […]

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