My boss came down from US again and as usual we will have company lunch together. The manager asked if we would like to order for delivery as we were busy this time round or prefer to eat out.
After much discussion, we planned to go further than usual which is at

Megamall. We went to Madam […]


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Who would thought of how much stuff a person can acquire throughout his or her life? I always thought that I do not have much stuffs. But last weekend, I had a spring cleaning and found that one can really accumulate a lot of things in their life without realising that!
There were a lot of […]

10 Years

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Once upon a time, someone told me that you are what you ate 10 years ago. Which means you are responsible for your body size 10 years down the road with what you eat now.

If that is the case, I guess I would have to start cutting down on the junk food that I’ve been […]


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Whenever acne popping out of my face, I would apply Oxy on it every day and night. I find that it is very drying to my skin and the skin around that area usually peel off.
I think the ingredient used was too harsh on my skin. But if I do not apply anything, it takes […]


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I haven’t been clubbing in Singapore in my life before although I have been there for around 10 times. I was there frequently during my second job, doing training and support.
But during my last weekend there, I was brought to visit the disco and club with some of my new friends. I was surprised to […]

I read in an article that we can only have about 15 friends that we can maintain at one time. There might be many acquaintance or people that we know, but it is hard to keep in touch with more than this figure.  How true, I wonder?
I find that I have less and less time […]


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I started to measure the distance I walked everyday. Below is the estimated average steps :
My house to Train Station = 750 steps

Train Station to my office = 750 steps
Cubicle to Toilet = 70 steps
House to Corner Shop = 400 Steps
And one round trip to office, to and fro, I could earn around 3000 steps.
If […]


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Lately I find myself binging during the day and even at night! I seem to have very good appetite. Even after a full dinner, I find myself looking for food at late night. Usually I would reach for junk food or seaweed or even chocolates! It was really unhealthy, loading these junks into my tummy […]


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I seldom visited the beauty salon or go for facial as I always thought I do not need them. However, lately apart from my ever-growing pores, I notice that my blackhead and whiteheads are growing at alarming rate!
According to my close friend, it was due to improper cleansing and thus accumulates too much dirts and […]


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I have a very stingy colleague and what’s more he is a guy! So all of us (especially the girls) love to tease him on how stingy he is.
We like to ask him to treat us lunch or buy some delicacy from his hometown for us. Each time he will come out with different excuse […]

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