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I have a very stingy colleague and what’s more he is a guy! So all of us (especially the girls) love to tease him on how stingy he is.

We like to ask him to treat us lunch or buy some delicacy from his hometown for us. Each time he will come out with different excuse for not treating us, such as he is not going back to hometown, he is broke that month and etc.

His favorite excuse? The delicacy that we want is sold out or the shop is closed down! A little too stingy for a guy but we enjoy making fun of him and sees him cringe. :D

Recently he will quickly change topic and ask us if we have get our adult halloween costumes for our coming company dinner. And yes, the theme gonna be Halloween! This is the first time I am dressing up for this type of theme. I m rather excited and looking forward it!


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