15 Friends

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I read in an article that we can only have about 15 friends that we can maintain at one time. There might be many acquaintance or people that we know, but it is hard to keep in touch with more than this figure.  How true, I wonder? 

I find that I have less and less time to keep in touch with my friends too. Sometimes I tried to make an effort to meet up with them like having lunch or dinner whenever possible. 

Last week, I ‘dated’ my ex-colleague and it was really nice catching up with her. It’s as though we were still working together, sharing all the gossip and updating each other. She has put on some weight after her pregnancy and is looking for weight loss pills that work. The traditional method of massaging does not seems to work for her. 

Well, I hope to see her again soon & hopefully she would shed off some of the baby weight soon!


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