With yet another birthday celebration, my friends wanted to go to karaoke again. This month we have already gone 3 times and  they are planning for more! I do not know what is the craze with the karaoke sessions as it was just singing in the room.

The charges was pretty steep too especially on the […]

My Dog

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When she tried to stand up, I could see that she took so much effort. Her legs are so weak that she struggled in standing up and supporting her frail bodies. At times, during her attempts, she felt down again and looked defeated.

That was my dog of 15 years. She’s a very old dog already […]

I read in a magazine that women are more susceptible in depression than men. How true, when I realized that some of my female friends might be going through the depression phase, especially Lo.
I tried to read the signs and talked to her. She told me that she wasn’t happy about her life and her […]


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When I received yet another promotion for the skincare through email, I couldn’t help but click on it. The travel kits seem to be at a very good price and how I love those small bottles!
But the more-practical part of me gave myself a little mental kick! I tried to imagine the many bottles and jars […]


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Work is getting a little too busy in the office. There were just so much coming in at the same time and gosh, I think I need a break!

I’ve put on extra hours for the past couples of weeks and even bringing the work home so that I can rush the deadline. It is really […]


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As I churned away the oily biscuit, I could only imagined the oil that will be built up in my digestive system. Lately when consuming oily food, I felt that I am accumulating oil residues and other stuff in the colon.
It wasn’t a good thought though, as I was unable to enjoy the food and […]

Busy Bee

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I like interesting itsy-bitsy health information. For example, when buying a shirt, do you consider the size of the chest and shoulder or the arm? Well, how do you maintain a lean arm?

I guess this is the type of information that you rarely in the school or science lab. I usually gather all this information […]


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I just realized how much points I have accumulated with my credit card over the usage for about 5 years! And who knows that I could be spending till hundreds of thousands?
Well, maybe not really, as some shops do offer more than 1 points for every dollar spent. I only realized about this point exchange […]


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Over lunch just now, my colleagues and I discussed about becoming rich overnight. Not usual rich, but super-dirt rich where you do not have to worry about money. It is no longer a variable in your life.
I guess for me I only need a million dollar to make me really happy. It might not be […]


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Everyone is crazy about the new iphone4 since it’s arrival in this country. I really do not understand the craze about this phone; which in my humble opinion is not that great, except that it is the product of Apple.
I think everything that Apple comes out will be a hit in the market. For example […]

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