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Once upon a time, I took supplements regularly as I was involved in the multi level marketing for a while. Then I was ‘educated’ on how important supplements are to our body, not getting enough from our daily food which was usually unhealthy. I took multivitamins, vitamin C and even calcium supplements.
But now, I am […]


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Almost each day, I can see people distributing out brochures at the train station. Whenever I get out of the train, I will be shoved not 1 but 2 or 3 same brochures! I wonder if printing brochures really get so affordable or it really increases the sales by distributing them every day. 
Sometimes the paper […]

I have been working from home for nearly 6 days now and it has been going on great, except sometimes I am just a little lonely.I am thinking of going back to the office tomorrow but I have something important to do and I don’t want to take leave. I guess that is one of […]


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It is another sleepy day. No matter how much sleep I seem to be getting, my mind is tired and I longed for my bed all the time. Maybe I am not getting enough of quality sleep. Is it back, I hope not!
And it doesn’t help with the lousy internet connection that seems to be […]

AV told me that she always get bloated when it was about that time of the month. I guess I am lucky that I do not have the same problem although I do not really understand how does she feel bloated.

She said it is not only the tummy but her whole body! Could it be […]

After much procrastination, I finally find time and effort to clean up my little pantry. Each of us have this small portion in the kitchen to put our stuff; usually food and containers.
I have one big containers that contain my dried foods and small kitchen utensils that I do not share out. It has been […]


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I want to quit smoking, that’s the line that I have heard from him for over a thousand times. And still, he’s smoking every day or a least every other day!I just don’t understand why it is so hard to smoke.
It is just a matter of discipline and whether if you want it enough. I […]


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This morning I went for jog with my colleagues at the park. It has been quite sometimes since I exercised! Since the weather was rather good and it is not too hot, we decided to jog a few rounds.
There were some equipment at the park and I simply love them! It is a good way […]


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I’ve been promoting my friend online shop that sells accessories, costume jewelry and home products to my relatives and friends. However, now I am having second thought as I felt that not all the products are in good quality as there were made in
China. I bought something that was broken before I could have the […]


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We had been scouring every shop in the mall to look for the perfect gift for her husband 2nd anniversary gifts this coming Tuesday! There would be a small dinner among the friends and Kylie has been pretty excited and really look forward the day.
In the end, we haven’t gotten anything yet! Everything wasn’t cool […]

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