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We had been scouring every shop in the mall to look for the perfect gift for her husband 2nd anniversary gifts this coming Tuesday! There would be a small dinner among the friends and Kylie has been pretty excited and really look forward the day.

In the end, we haven’t gotten anything yet! Everything wasn’t cool enough, good enough, nice enough or meaningful enough for her to buy it! And I am so not going to barge into another mall with her to look for the perfect gift! Boy, I am drained. I think she should just get them from this cool website that has anniversary gifts by year!

If it is my anniversary, I would certainly get the Happy Anniversary Toilet Paper! Gosh, can you imagine every morning he would be reminded of this gift when e’s using them! Though I must admit it must be pretty funny and humorous gift!

But we could start the day with a little laughter, don’t we?



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