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As I was thinking to change to a new car for this coming new year, perhaps it will be wiser to maintain my old car. There are quite many parts that need changing and well,my friend did recommend me of Repair Clinic to get kohler parts at fabulous price. It is easy to find the […]


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I thought my father wants to go to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Wuxi when I asked the very morning I was going to the tour agent. But alas, we had a communication breakdown it seems!
He was telling me that he had been to those places during his visit to
China the previous time! And I specifically […]

It is end of the year and everything seems to be on sale! Nearly every shop that I passed by will have the on sale sign. Even services like spa and facial. I do wonder if the insurance are having sales too as it is time for me to renew my insurance. Maybe I can […]