For this year, I am tempted to get something to reward myself after all the hard work. I am hoping to get a new laptop since my desktop is over 4 years already and the CPU is of very low spec! Can you believe that I only have 512 MB ram?!
And I cannot wait for […]


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When m y skin was unordinary dry and flaky for more than week, I suspected that I had eczema! I have seen it earlier at my friend’s young son who has mild eczema.I came to know it when I meet the cute little boy.

Gosh I was so worried as my legs became very dry and […]


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It has been such a long time that I didn’t meet one of my oldest friends that I ever made! She has moved on so much in her life; got married and getting her first baby pretty soon!
We met up last weekend for lunch and some window shopping as both of us ended didn’t buy […]


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As I had such a good experience with cleansing my colon the first time, I plan to do it again after Chinese New Year.
You bet I will be binging all the junk food and stuffs that will be really bad for my system!I even have got the colon cleansers and even recommend it o my […]