I was surprised that a friend told me that he has to start buying furniture for his room as his girlfriend is moving in with him next month. Was his room empty all this while?
It seems that he has just moved to the house two years ago and thus has not properly furnished it. That […]

Food. Malaysian just loves food. For any occasion, we will organize a ‘makan’ session to celebrate something, for gathering of family or friends, co worker, or anything at all. And we will stuff our face or tummy with lots of delicious food, only to be regretted the next morning. Or not.
All this gathering that I […]

Just yesterday he complaint about his gastric problem to me again. It is the third time in this month that he has been facing this issue. I’ve told him hundreds of time to get something to eat in between meals so that he does not goes with empty stomach for long if the next meal […]

While I was surfing the internet happily last weekend, Adam secretly took picture of my thigh, which was a little twisted due to the way I sat. And I could see my cellulite clearly in the picture. The ugly orange peel!
He then took a shot of my tummy as my blouse was a little too […]

Sometimes I wondered if the probability of death is the same as the probability of birth. Or else the world would be overpopulated, no? Well, probably not the case in
China with their strict birth control, one child per couple taking place.
Anyway, there is another new baby in our Operation department team in the company. […]

I really like to try out new samples for different products of different brands. At one time, I used a different brand samples nearly every week for a month. And I couldn’t tell which samples really work
for me!
I am just glad that my skin able to accept the new texture of moisturizer and chemical gracefully […]


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Now that Chinese New Year is over, there seems to be nothing much to do on the weekend. Previously I was busy looking for new clothes for the festival and new shoes. Not to mention the other preparation such as food, decorations and gifts to friends and family.
But now, I am still in the mood […]

Biz Card

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When we request for name card from our company, we were told that there isn’t budget for printing! How outrageous is that response! We are seeing customer very frequently, almost weekly if not every other days. And sometimes it is better to give the new customers our name card so that they could contact us […]


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When I was back to my hometown I took about an hour to vacuum my house! Not that my house was large but then I couldn’t find the long hose of the vacuum cleaner, leaving me with a short one that I have to bend over to vacuum the floor! It was pretty tiring and […]